dear headmaster i want to recommend xufan as our monitor. he is kind and polite to people.he always gets along well with classmates ,and he is ready to help others solve their problems . he is humourous and has a lot of friends . he is active in

dear mr. lu we are writing to recommend li lei as our monitor.he is a 16-year-old good-looking boy .he is in grade 9.his star sign is leo,so he is so confident and hardworking that he often gets good marks in all the subjects .he is polite and helpful to

Dear headmasterI'd like Simon to be the youngth winner of this year. Simon is a hard-working student. He is good at all the subjects. He loves sports very much. He is a football fan and he is one of the football members of our school team. Simon is

Dear Mr. Lu We are writing to recommend Li Lei as our monitor.He is a 16-year-old good-looking boy .He is in Grade 9.His star sign is leo,so he is so confident and hardworking that he often gets good marks in all the subjects .He is polite and

to:the principal, my name is lucy. i am currently the class leader of the the six grade b class. i am writing this letter to you to convince you to give this years most helpful student scholarship to millie. the reasons why i choose millie is because she is

Dear Miss Li, Thanks for your time to read my letter. Here I would like to recommend Nick to be our monitor. There are four reasons that I want to introduce him. First, He is a good studen

the ninth grade [1] July 29-August 1 I am a squad leader Speech, talk about the experience of learning English, teachers and students of English party and so on Each student should participate, after the write feelings.

AnouncementI am the monitor of Class One ,Grace Nine,and I am here writing to inform you of a English Activity which will take place in our classroom, from July 29th to Aug 1st.It is mainly about some english speeches on"how to learn english well

Run for Monitor The boy students in our class were preparing to run for monitor. Hearing the news, we girls were full of iaterest and curiosity. We were in bigh spirits and went to listen to their competltive speech. We decided to put our sacred vote to

name@@@ to@@@@@@@To whom it may concern:It is my great pleasure to attending my English classes in the Department of 15th high school in2005 and graduated

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