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face to face造句

We must face to face in order to solve the problem !

they talk a long time face to face.他们面谈了很长时间!

we are face to good good study dayday up to come ture our self.我们应该朝着好好学习的方向去实现自己的价值

这个短语是副词,作状语吗?请给造五个句子,并说明在句子中的属性,谢谢!:I have decided to talk to him face to face tomorrow.或This is the first time they meet each

we need a talk face to face. 我们需要面谈.

face to face是合成副词,意为“面对面地;面对面;当面”如:They stand there face to face.他们在那面对面地站着.stay in touch with保持联系She vowed to stay in touch with friends by phone and email.她郑重承诺会与朋友们保持电话和电子邮件联系.

They talk a long time face to face

My mother and headmaster talking face to face.

1. You could face up to eight years in jail for spreading rumours considered prejudicial to security. 散布危害社会安全的谣言将被判入狱8年.来自柯林斯例句2. They were having to face up to the fact that they had lost everything. 他们必须正视他们已

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