副词 ad. 1.【口】无论如何,不管怎样,至少,反正 That wasn't my fault, anyway. 反正那不是我的过错. It may rain, but we shall go anyway. 也许会下雨,可我们无论如何要去. 2.不论以何种方式,不论从何种角度 You can do the job anyway you want. 这工作你想怎么干都行. 3.随便地,草率地 He dumped the tools in the box just anyway. 他把工具随随便便往箱子里一扔.

His clothes had been thrown down just anyhow.他的衣服都出乱扔.

In reality, you can form a question in many way. 实际上,你可以以许多方式提出这个问题.

ability 能力 eg he is a man of many abilities. 他是一个有多方面才能的人. he has the ability to do sth. 他有能力做某事 active a. 积极的 活跃的 eg she takes an active participant in this activity. 她积极参与这项活动 wisely adv. 聪明地 英明地 明智地 eg. he had wisely decided to be picked up at the farm. 他作出了英明决定让人来农场接他.

adj渐渐的;逐渐的;不陡峭的The result is a gradual improvement in his patient.结果是他的病人在逐渐恢复.

The president devotes most of his time to peace.

Travel increases one's knowledge of the world.旅游增进人对世界的了解.Foreign investments there increased five times.那里的外国投资增加了五倍.These flowers will increase every year.这些花会年复一年越长越多.His weight showed an increase of 3 lbs. in a month.他的体重在一个月内增加了三磅.

1. As usual, there weren't many people at the meeting. 像往常一样,来开会的人不多. 2. As usual, the lion's share of the budget is for defence. 预算中的最大一项照例是国防费用. 3. There he goes, blah blah blah, talking nonsense as usual. 他又

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