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用come true造句

Getting into beijing university is my dream come true.去北京大学读书让我的梦想成真.His wish to be an actor has come true.他想当演员的愿望实现了.

my dream is come true

Only work hard, your dreams will come true只有努力奋斗,梦想才能成真 你自己看着哪里不合适修改一下吧

My dream will come true.

come true造句:My dream is coming true.I believe my dream will come true.

My dream has come true .我的梦想实现了.

I hope my dream will come ture我希望我2113的梦想会在将来实现5261.All our dream can come ture if we have the courage to pursue them.如果4102我们有勇气去追逐,那么1653我们所有的梦想都能实现.The time has not come ture, the words

etc,my dream was to be a boss to earn a lot of money,and now my dream has come ture. when i was yong Funny how all dreams come ture My dream come ture! There were some predictions that never came ture~ My dream will come true one day

realize和come true 都有"实现"的意思,但realize除了"实现"的意思外,还有"认识到,了解,赚得,使逼真等"意思,而come true 就是"实现"的意思.realize作为"实现"讲一般以"realized"的形式出现.例如:her dream of going

I wish your dreams will come true. You should work hard to make your dreams come true.

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